Accessory Buildings Regulations

Accessory Buildings Regulations

Accessory Buildings are:

  • Required to be one (1) meter from all property lines, three (3) meter from main dwelling and cannot project past the front of the main dwelling.
  • Maximum size of a shed is 10% of the land size.  Maximum height is six (6) meters which is measured from the half way point between the peak and the eave and measured to the ground (not the top of the first floor). The exterior of the shed must match the main dwelling (Painted plywood or aspenite not permitted).

  • If the property is a corner lot refer to the Fire Chief.


For further information, please get in touch with the Town office at (709) 643 8360 or the appropriate person below:

Commercial and Residential Permits:
Matthew Simms, Manager of Planning and Development
Phone: (709) 649-3695