Garbage and Recycling

Garbage and Recycling

Stephenville follows the mandatory program set by Western Regional Waste Management (WRWM) to keep waste out of landfills.

Garbage is collected by Containerized Sanitation for inquiries of Garbage not picked up please call (709) 643 3279.

For any questions or concerns please contact the town office at (709) 643 8360 or WRWM (709) 632 2922, 1 (844) 437 2922.

Rules for Garbage and Recycling Collection

  1. Follow the Sort it Guide (Full PDF).

  2. Place recyclables in transparent blue bags.

  3. Place household garbage and glass in clear bags.

  4. 10 bags of garbage per household

  5. Place bags at the curb or roadside by 8AM on your collection day.

  6. Bags placed on the curb should not exceed more than 50 pounds and not be smaller than 26” x 26”/66 cm x 91 cm with a thickness of at least 1.5 mil.

  7. Cover bags with a weighted mesh net or blanket no larger than 25mm x 25mm.

  8. The property owner is responsible for removing garbage strewn across property.

Garbage and Recycling Collection

  • Garbage and refuse collection is available to residents once a week.

  • Total Garbage Bag Limit - 10 bags per household

  • See the garbage and recycling schedule for your area.

  • For holiday garbage collection changes please view the Town of Stephenville website important notices or call (709) 643 8360.

  • Illegal dumping: unauthorized dumping of garbage, refuse, bulk items, yard debris or construction materials on public or private properties is illegal and can bring strict penalties.

Objects Refused during Weekly Garbage and Recycling Collection

Yard Debris
Yard debris such as grass clippings and branches as well as paper and wood must be placed in heavy duty polyethylene bags or tied in tightly bound bundles no more than 5’ long/1.5 m and weighing no more than 50 lbs./22.5 kg.

Animal Repellent on Bags
To discourage animals/birds from tearing open garbage, it is suggested that garbage bags be covered with a blanket or netting. Harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach must not be used as they may cause serious injury to workers.

Sharp Objects (Hypodermic Needles and Broken Glass)
Hypodermic needles must be placed in a puncture proof container before being put in the garbage.  Broken glass must be packaged in such a manner that the glass does not protrude through the container (e.g. cardboard box, cardboard milk container).  The container must be marked “Broken Glass”.

No liquids are permitted to be placed for collection.  Problems are encountered when paint, oil or liquid animal waste, for example, are illegally placed in garbage bags.  When the container is crushed by the garbage truck, the contents could be sprayed over the collector or leak onto the street, causing a pollution hazard.  As well, the possibility of fire exists in the case of flammable liquids.

Bulk Pick up

Collection of bulk refuse such as appliances, hot water tanks, and furniture shall be during our annual spring clean-up and seasonally on Fridays, dates will be provided when applicable.